Cyber Attack on Central Bank of Malta: Turk Hack Team Takes Credit

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In a recent development that has raised alarm bells in the cybersecurity community, the Central Bank of Malta’s website experienced a major outage recently. The Turk Hack Team, a notorious group of hackers, has claimed responsibility for the disruption.

Central Bank of Malta website attacked with DDoS
Central Bank of Malta website attacked with DDoS

The hacker collective took to Twitter to publicize their feat, posting a message to confirm their role in the attack. Accompanying the announcement were screenshots showing the Central Bank of Malta’s website struggling to process requests, signifying an apparent Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack.

The group, known for its audacious cyber offensives, has not provided any further details or reasons behind targeting the Maltese financial institution. Regardless, the incident underscores the susceptibility of even the most fortified institutions to cyber attacks.

Reza Rafati

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