CVE-2021-22113: Netflix vulnerability

Applications using the “Sensitive Headers” functionality in Spring Cloud Netflix Zuul 2.2.6.RELEASE and below may be vulnerable to bypassing the “Sensitive Headers” restriction when executing requests with specially constructed URLs. Applications that use Spring Security’s StrictHttpFirewall (enabled by default for all URLs) are not affected by the vulnerability, as they reject requests that allow bypassing.

How to mitigate CVE-2021-22113

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Follow the instructions, as they will assist you in mitigating the Netflix vulnerability that been reported in CVE-2021-22113.

  1. Install the latest version of Netflix

    Navigate to the official Netflix website and download the latest version of Netflix. The latest version contains the CVE-2021-22113 fix.
    Update to the latest version

  2. Perform a vulnerability assessment

    Perform a scan on your Netflix environment(s), and check for vulnerabilities. Verify if CVE-2021-22113 has been mitigated.

  3. Utilize the references

    The CVE-2021-22113 references have been provided for a reason. Utilize these references and make sure that you are correctly informed.


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