CVE-2020-11877: Zoom vulnerability

** DISPUTED ** airhost.exe in Zoom Client for Meetings 4.6.11 uses 3423423432325249 as the Initialization Vector (IV) for AES-256 CBC encryption. NOTE: the vendor states that this IV is used only within unreachable code.

How to mitigate CVE-2020-11877

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Follow the instructions, as they will assist you in mitigating the Zoom vulnerability that been reported in CVE-2020-11877.

  1. Install the latest version of Zoom

    Navigate to the official Zoom website and download the latest version of Zoom. The latest version contains the CVE-2020-11877 fix.
    Update to the latest version

  2. Perform a vulnerability assessment

    Perform a scan on your Zoom environment(s), and check for vulnerabilities. Verify if CVE-2020-11877 has been mitigated.

  3. Utilize the references

    The CVE-2020-11877 references have been provided for a reason. Utilize these references and make sure that you are correctly informed.


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