CVE-2018-19532: Eeeek, another denial of service vulnerability

In this post we take a closer look at CVE-2018-19532. The exploits for CVE-2018-19532 are also listed here, this will allow you to quickly continue with your objective.

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures is a rundown of sections-each containing a recognizable proof number, a portrayal, and no less than one open reference-for freely known cybersecurity vulnerabilities. CVE Entries are utilized in various cybersecurity items and administrations from around the globe.

About CVE-2018-19532

A NULL pointer dereference vulnerability exists in the function PdfTranslator::setTarget() in pdftranslator.cpp of PoDoFo 0.9.6, while creating the PdfXObject, as demonstrated by podofoimpose. It allows an attacker to cause Denial of Service.

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