CUTIES goes VIRAL, Netflix take down no effect

Is Netflix Taking Cuties Too Far? There is an indignant reaction on social media to the first trailer of that French film, in which a young girl falls under the spell of a twerking dance group.

Angry parents believe the film is sexualizing minors and demand that the release be canceled, but with no luck.

Cuties movie download

Anyone which shut down their Netflix account certainly helped to make a big impact on Netflix. In just a couple of hours, Netflix list massive amounts of money, but the movie is still online on Netflix.

Netflix share

As expected

As you could have expected, the Netflix movie Cuties has been ripped from Netflix and is being shared on various online streaming platforms. These streaming platforms allow you to download the cuties movie 2020.

One of the sites which pop-up when you search for the Cuties movie

The Cuties full movie is also being offered on Torrent sites. There are seeders and leechers. These are systems which upload and download the Cuties movie.

A list of Cuties torrents

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