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Cryptolock attack on smartphones in the future

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. Your smartphone is your enemy and your friend is your mind, criminals are using techniques to steal your data or money, and one of the famous one is the Cryptolocker scheme that will take your money if you want your data back. Now a lot of companies and private users have witnessed the damage that the Cryptolocker virus can bring — now wait till you see what the new scheme will be all about.

Your smartphone

Cryptolocker works in such a way that it encrypts your files with a password, and the only way you can access those files is with the correct encryption password, the criminals will provide you this password, but it will cost you a lot of money, so think about all your pictures and documents that you have saved on your smartphone, think about the contacts and maybe some ‘spicy’ pictures?

Well, i strongly believe that the next step with Cryptolocker or any similar virus will be that they will target the smartphone market with this type of attack, the hackers will encrypt the smartphone with a password so it will be locked from the genuine user, the only way that the user can access his smartphone again is by paying a certain amount of money.


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