Crypt Malware on the Rise

The Crypt malware is a malicious application which allows hackers to remotely access your computer system (infected device), allowing them to modify files, steal personal information and install additional malware / adware.

Crypt malware is often installed via malicious applications or legitimate applications which have been infected with the Crypt malware.

Once the Crypt malware has been installed on your device – all the files and folders will be locked, making it impossible to read out the data. In order to obtain permission again to access the locked files, the victim will have to pay an specific amount of ransom.

Crypt Malware Domains

Below you can view a list of domains which are used by the Crypt malware. Please keep in mind that these domains are malicious and that infection might take place once visited.

  1. hxxp://needsosfter[.]com
  2. hxxp://pdfiler[.]com
  3. hxxp://thefilesoftwareget[.]com
  4. hxxp://seasonalpopups[.]com
  5. hxxp://keymaxbit[.]com
  6. hxxp://errorsystem86[.]com
  7. hxxp://bluecmdcommand[.]com
  8. hxxp://rackcdn[.]com
  9. hxxp://qiiia[.]com
  10. hxxp://downloadappbox[.]com
  11. hxxp://intelli-support-assistant[.]com
  12. hxxp://thesupportnow[.]info
  13. hxxp://domaintoyourorder[.]info
  14. hxxp://bestsoftware48[.]com
  15. hxxp://bestvideoplayer33[.]com
  16. hxxp://system-helpfree[.]com
  17. hxxp://premiumflashupgrade[.]com
  18. hxxp://domainextensions[.]firm[.]in
  19. hxxp://220[.]2
  20. hxxp://adaptertower[.]com
  21. hxxp://problemsfoundagain[.]com
  22. hxxp://trafficram[.]net
  23. hxxp://alltechmate[.]com
  24. hxxp://bestvideoplayer28[.]com
  25. hxxp://thisfiler[.]com
  26. hxxp://animalxxxsexmovies[.]com
  27. hxxp://com-newsonline[.]info
  28. hxxp://imgfarm[.]com
  29. hxxp://computer-virus[.]in
  30. hxxp://hackzzz[.]xyz
  31. hxxp://rtoisesvn[.]net

You can use the information which has been shown above to do some research on the malware.

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