Criminals use the Jay-z & Solange attack video to install malware

It is currently trending, the video where you can see how Jay-Z is attacked by the younger sister of Beyonce. It is unclear what happened or why Solange attacked Jay-Z but what is certain is that cybercriminals are using the video to lure unaware users to a malicious link which will install malware on the computers of the victims.

Hackers use celebrities and trending videos to lure unaware users to malicious websites as the videos having a high propability to be clicked.

So be aware if you see a video of Jay-Z, Beyonce or Solange to check if it is hosted on a trusted website, and that you don’t need to do the following:

  • Share the video first
  • Download the video first
  • Download a codec to watch the video

Watch the video of Jay-Z being attacked by Solange here.

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