Criminal gang with a focus on Spain has been arrested

This criminal gang that has finally been arrested, targeted their victims via SMS (SMS scamming). The SMS messages which were sent to their victims all contained a fraudulent link. Once the link was opened, the victim would land on a fake website.

The fraudulent SMS messages containing links, led to fake websites where banks and mobile operators are impersonated to obtain the keys and passwords of the victims. They operated from Barcelona. There are four detainees between the ages of 19 and 27, who are charged with fraud and membership in a criminal group. The investigation began in October 2020, when a person filed a complaint. They had sent at least 71,000 text messages to potential victims.

Fraudulent SMS message sent by criminal gang

Once the scammers had keys and passwords, they made a duplicate of the SIM card of the victim’s mobile line with a dual purpose: on the one hand to access the operational validation codes sent by banks and, on the other , to prevent the victim from realizing the fraudulent operation they were carrying out with the bank accounts and credit cards that were linked to it

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