Criminal case facebook virus infects thousands of players

Hackers are infecting the Facebook criminal case players with virusses. They install these virusses via fake cheats and hacks which are promised to the unaware Facebook criminal case players. The Facebook criminal case users are searching for various tips, tricks and cheats which will allow them to beat the Facebook criminal case game.

The hackers behind these malicious cheats are aware of the fact that people will search for Facebook criminal case cheats and hacks. The hackers will create fake applications which will have a ‘cool’ and ‘modern’ layout. The hackers will continue to create fake criminal case Facebook pages which will lure the unaware users to the criminal case virus.

Criminal Case Facebook virus

The criminal case virus is installed via malicious websites which claim to provide working cheats and hacks for the criminal case game. The hackers will lure the unaware users to a point which will demand the user to install the malicious criminal case applications. Once the criminal case virus has been installed on the device, the hacker will be able to control the infected device.

criminal case facebook virus
criminal case facebook virus

How to delete the Criminal Case Facebook virus

If you have downloaded the ‘criminal case virus’ then you need to run a anti-virus scan on your device. You can find various free anti-virus programs which will run on your iOS and Android application. If you have entered a malicious survey to download the ‘criminal case’ cheats then you will need to remember the information you provided. If there is any personal information which could harm you, then you will need to take immediate action.