How to create your personal hacking lab

Hacking is fun, it challenges you to think of ways to access a specific environment. Each hack is unique, and takes some (or a lot) of practise. But it is hard to find a good practice environment.

The best thing you can do, is building your own personal hacking lab.

Your personal hacking lab can be used to test your hacking methods. Your methods are performed on your personal environment, which means that you are training your hacking skill in a ethical way. There are some requirements for your personal hacking lab.

You will need the following hardware:

  • Desktop/Laptop/Server which is capable of running virtual environments
  • Desktop/Laptop/Server with enough RAM memory (6gb+)
  • Desktop/Laptop/Server with enough harddisk memory (100gb+)

You will need the following software:

VirtualBox is needed to create virtual machines on your host computer (laptop, desktop, server).


Install the following software on your “Vulnerable Windows Environment”.

You can download the software via the website.

  • Adobe Shockwave player (old version – 2 years)
  • TeamViewer (old version – 2 years)
  • VLC player (old version – 2 years)
  • iTunes (old version – 2 years)
  • Apache OpenOffice (old version – 2 years)
  • FileZilla (old version – 2 years)

After you have installed the software, make sure that you DISABLE the following options in your vulnerable windows environment:

  • Windows Firewall
  • User Account Control Settings (Controlpanel -> users accounts -> change user account control settings) – set it to NEVER NOTIFY

Extra options

  • grant your vulnerable Windows environment a “static-ip”/”fixed-ip”.
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