Craigslist overpayment scam warning

This message circulates on Facebook and it does no direct harm. The message that is circulating on Facebook states that a Craigslist user experienced  a overpayment scam and is now warning other users to watch out for such scams on Craigslist.

Beware of the Craigslist overpayment scam, you can find an example here below;

Warning ! Waring ! Please Please Read There is a scam going around and I was almost a victim of it today. I recently posted an ad on Craig’s list I was contacted by a person that sent me a check for 1500.00 for the item I was selling. When I received the check today it was for the amount of 4000.00. When I asked why the check was for so much they informed me that the extra money was to be shipped via western union to the shipper so the item could be picked up and delivered. I got suspicious and took the check to my bank to make sure this check was ligit. I was informed that it was in fact a fake. The bank told me that if I had cashed this check that it would have come back to me and I would be responsible for the 4000.00 and they would have access to all my banking information. I am asking everyone to please like and share this post to make it go viral so this does not happen to you or anyone you know or any hard working Americans. Here is a picture of the check below. Please take the time to like and share. Lets get this thing viral.

Such scams often use the 7 steps method;

  1. A seller places an ad for an product with a high value tag via an online shopping and selling platform
  2. The seller recieves an offer
  3. The seller agrees on the provided price.
  4. The scammers then send a cheque that is way more than the price that was agreed on
  5. The scammers invent some excuse for this overpayment and ask that the balance be electronically sent
  6. The seller transfers the amount out of his or her private and legitimate funds
  7. Later, the seller finds that his or her bank has dishonoured the cheque.


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