Cop gets Rapes by a Horse video on Facebook

A shocking video has gone viral on Facebook. The video ‘Cop gets Rapes by a Horse’ is a malicious video which has been uploaded by cybercriminals. These cybercriminals have only one objective. To make money with your personal information. The hackers have used the ‘Cop gets Rapes by a Horse’ video and created a malicious website which will demand the user to share the video first. Once the user has shared the video, the malicious website will redirect them to a survey which will generate the cybercriminal some revenue.¬†

The cybercriminals that launch these types of schemes are often after money and personal information. The hackers are also able to redirect the user to a malicious page which will install a virus on the victim computer. Once the virus has been installed on the victim computer the hacker will be able to take full control of the victim pc. This allows the hacker to start the webcam remotely, read everything what is being typed and they will even be able to steal financial information.

Malicious page which serves the video
Malicious page which serves the video

Please be aware of these kind of schemes on Facebook and other social media networks.

The real footage

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