Company tracks each NSA visitor by using their public geo-tag information

Oh I simply love technology and the internet. The Paterva company which owns the Maltego application has setup a showcase which provides insight on the NSA visitors. The Maltego application has used the GEO-TAG information from people which have tweeted from the NSA parking lot to create a Google Map interface which provides insight on the visitors of the NSA environment.

The people have shared data to the internet which holds geo-information. This information is processed by the Maltego application. The Paterva company used open-source information, which means that they did not hack anyone. I believe that they did a very good job in making people aware of the information they share to the internet.

You can use EXIF-data removers to delete information from your pictures, videos and documents. You can use it on other files also.

Did you know that you can use Maltego Community edition for free in Kali Linux.

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