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These days everyone with a internet connection is familiar with search engines. We use them every day.

We can use Google to search for Images, Discussions, News, Videos and so much more. With DuckDuckGo your search results are combined with the social network aspect.

All kinds of search engines but no comment search engine

We all have a account on a social platform like Facebook, Myspace, Google+ etc. So I went to Google and I searched for Comment Search Engine. A lot of items appear to my monitor but not one is a full independed Comment Search Engine.

There is one (CLOSED) comment search engine – owned by Twitter.

BackType & BackTweets 

Our vision at BackType has always been to help our customers understand the value of engagement on Twitter and other social platforms.

We also created BackTweets to help publishers understand the reach of their tweets and content, who they are reaching, and how Tweets covert to web traffic, sales and other KPIs.

And it just sucks that there is not one Comment Search Engine that is able to browse the internet for comments.

Commenting Services

There are some services that can provide you a view on online comments but they just don’t seem to fulfill my need.

The first service is the CoComment website. CoComment allows you to keep a track of your comments across any site. Similar services are Disqus and IntenseDebate.

Now a growing number of blogging networks are offering RSS feed for comments, e.g. WordPress, TypePad, Blogger.

I would like to think that it would be fairly easy to aggregate those RSS feeds and create a search engine on it.

Question: Would you like to see a Comment Search Engine that crawls the internet and shares all kinds of discussions, chats and comments with you?

  • Yes? How would you use this Comment Search Engine?
  • No? Why won’t you use the Comment Search Engine?

Question: Would you enable search engines to crawl your comments?

  • Yes
  • No
Share this with people that should know this: