Christian terrorists force 10000 Muslims to flee Central African Republic

A terrible report has been published which claims that 10000 Muslims were forced to flee their towns, villages and houses because Christian terrorists are hunting down the Muslim minority with brutal attacks.

In the last couple of days houses and mosques have been burned by the Christian terrorists in Africa. The report states that the uprising of the Christian terrorists can be blamed on the fact that Michel Djotodia had stepped down and went into exile last month. Djotodia had seized power in a coup during the time period of March, 2014.

“Civilians remain in constant fear for their lives and have been largely left to fend for themselves,” Martine Flokstra, emergency coordinator for the aid agency Doctors Without Borders, said in a statement Friday, adding that the violence had reached “extreme and unprecedented” levels.

Muhammed Salih Yahya 38 stated that the terrorists are killing Muslims with knives by slitting the throats. Muhammed Salih Yahya also stated that it cost him 2 years of his life to build his home and that the Christians had destroyed it within minutes. All he wants, is to leave the dangerous environment.

The vast majority, roughly 50,000, are headed to Chad, a mostly Muslim country that is also among the poorest in the world.

Many of the clashes have occurred in northwestern towns. In a village called Bozoum, 2,500 Muslims fled Wednesday, according to Doctors Without Borders. And Bouar, a Muslim town of 8,000 people, “remains effectively imprisoned” by anti-balaka militias, according to the agency.

At the airport, Muhammad Abdirahman, 62, was waiting to leave. His village, Jbawi, had been burned down by the anti-balaka and nearly everyone was dead, he said. Fortunately, he had left with his wife and 12 children before the massacre, and arrived at the airport last week. Originally from Chad, he has lived here for the past 50 years.

“I don’t even know Chad,” he said. “But what can I do? If I stay, the Christians will use every opportunity to kill me and my family.”

 Most texts are directly used from the official source.



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