Chip your child with the PRESCAN RFID S4 Easy Chipper

Are you tired of losing your child when you are having a drink? Well, with the Prescan RFID S4 Easy Chipper you will never worry again. The awesome RFID chipper will allow you to chip your own child with an RFID chip.

The Tag & Trace chip will allow you to keep track of your childs movements at any time. The chip uses nanotechnology which allows it to stay very small. The tag & trace chip can be added to the skin painlessly. Once it has been implemented, you will have to install the S4Chipper application on your smartphone and you are ready to go.


Because of the fact that the chip is placed underneath the skin, it is very hard for people to remove the chip. The chip cannot be seen with the naked eye once it has been inserted into the skin.

The Prescan RFID S4 Easy Chipper is delivered with an straight forward manual and it contains 3 RFID chips which you can use directly.

It is currently being sold for 99 dollars.

Are you going to chip your child with the PRESCAN RFID S4 Chipper?

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