Chinese hackers targeted 27 universities

Hackers in China have attacked more than twenty universities to secure maritime technology. These are universities in the United States, Canada and South Korea.


Experts from the cyber security company iDefense discovered that cyber attacks were carried out at various universities from China, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Among others, the University of Washington and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were important targets, as well as universities in nearby South Korea.

The report shows that since April 2017 attempts have been made to steal information about underwater technology. It is not known what information has been captured, but on many computers of various scientists at the affected universities malware has been detected.

China denied the attacks

The attacks have been reduced to the hacker group that is known under the names Temp.Periscope, Leviathan and Mudcarp. China has denied the Wall Street Journal that it is involved in cyber attacks.

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