The Chinese cyberwar during the demonstrations at Hong Kong revealed

The Chinese are waging a full cyberwar on the government and the demonstrators (activists).

The demonstrations are an act of people which support democracy in China. Hong Kong is the home for 7 million people, the protests are peacefull and there is no harm being done by the acktivists.

The CNN news website, published an article with the title “China’s Internet Firewall censors Hong Kong protest news“.

In the CNN article, you will be able to learn about the methods which are used by the Chinese to silence the peacefull demonstration.

China will not tolerate this

“I see no way the Chinese government can tolerate what is happening in HK. Greatly fear this will end badly,” tweeted Mike Chinoy, a senior fellow at the U.S.-China Institute at the University of Southern California, who covered the Tiananmen crackdown for CNN.

It is clear that the Chinese government will not tolerate these type of actions.

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But what can they do?!

  • Block or scramble communication
  • Spy on communication traffic via mobile phones, wifi and infected devices (spyware).
  • Use covert agents which will join the demonstration
  • Fake news which will put the activists in a bad position.
  • Setup pay-walls on news providers which hold information on the Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong is in the midst of its longest series of political protests since the 1997 handover.

Pro-democracy activists say they are making good on a long-threatened vow to try and paralyze the city’s financial district — a key business hub for the region and beyond — through sit-ins and civil disobedience.

Clashes between students and police this weekend have been the most heated in a long summer of anti-Beijing protests. Dozens have been reported injured by authorities.

Protestors are using FireChat

The Chinese protestors are using an application titled “FireChat”. This application allows the users to communicate with eachother without any cellular or internet connection. The FireChat application uses Bluetooth communications to allow communication.


But this could allow the Chinese government to install malware via BlueTooth connections.