China Identified New Android Virus Excluded Symantec and Kaspersky

Three major Chinese telecom operators have intercepted over 10 million text messages carrying the new virus targeting mobile phones that use the Android system,reported chinadaily.

The Chinese government’s internet watchdog estimated at least 100,000 users have been attacked by Android virus that steals personal information via junk text messages,A college student programmer have arrested by chinese police.

Foreign Tech Firms Cyber Threats to Chinese Internet Users

Chinese government procurement agency has excluded Symantec and Kaspersky, two foreign security software developers, from a security software supplier list,report Beijing Youth Daily.

For instance, information on a Chinese organization can be stolen when it places an order on an international shopping web site. With technologies such as cloud computing and big data getting popular, information can be collected and analyzed immediately, which means the damage can be much greater and more difficult to prevent.

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