Change your Windows login sound to the Anonymous theme

Thousands of people around the world are in love with the Anonymous concept, some of them buy T-Shirts, Masks and other type of gear but there is a special selection which wants to change their Windows login sound to the Anonymous theme. We have decided to create a short tutorial on Cyberwarzone about how you can change your Windows login sound to any preferred sound.

Windows has provided their users a lot of tools and options, but it seems that Windows has an habit of hiding important and handy tools.

To change the Windows login sound, we will need to navigate to the Control Panel in Windows. The Windows control panel holds various icons and shortcuts which allow you to control your Windows environment. For this  tutorial, we will be needing the “Change System Sounds ” screen. Use the “search” function in your Windows Environment and search for “Change System Sounds”.

Click on the icon which contains the “Change System Sounds” value, once you are in the “Change System Sounds” screen, you are able to locate “Notification” sounds settings.

Notification Sounds settings
Notification Sounds settings

Click on the Browse button, so you are able to browse for the Sound notification you wish to have.

Make sure that you use the audio .WAV format.

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