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CD with dangerous substance (poison) delivered at (Islamic) people their homes

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On Facebook, a warning is being spread, which claims that dangerous CD’s are being distributed to homes of Muslims. The warning claims that the CD contain substances which are an hazard to the health of the people who touch it. The same warning also claims that once the CD is inserted into the computer, the computer will explode.

The claimed ‘dangerous CD’

From what we have seen, the origin of this warning comes from an user in The Netherlands – there is currently no proof which supports or debunks the Facebook warning about ‘dangerous cds’ which contain substances that can be an hazard to your health.

The Facebook message does claim that the Police has received thousands of reports, but yet again, this is only an claim and not actual proof.

Below you can find the screen shots which support this Facebook claim – please do note, that this are the screen shots which have been included in the Facebook Warning message about dangerous CDs.

The language which is seen in the screenshots, is the Dutch language:

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Share this with people that should know this: