Ccleaner, and other cleaning tools will get you 30 months jail

A 24-year-old formed cab driver from Quincy, Massachusetts has been jailed for 30 months after he had manually removed his browser browsing history. This all happened, after a series of events which were related to the Boston bombers.

Khairullozhon Matanov (24-year-old), was friends with the Boston Bombers and at the night of the Boston bombing attack, he had dinner with Tamerlan and Dhzokhar Tsarnaev at a local kebab restaurant in Somerville.

A couple of days later (4 days), Khairullozhon saw his (Boston Bombing) friends on CNN and the FBI website, he decided to go to the police, and inform them that he had dinner with the brothers, a couple of days ago, but he did not give the police a clear view on how his relationship was with the brothers, he made it look like, that he had simply had dinner with them and nothing more.

The reports that Khairullozhon had lied to the police:

He lied about whose idea it was to have dinner, lied about when exactly he had looked at the Tsarnaevs’ photos on the Internet, lied about whether Tamerlan lived with his wife and daughter, and lied about when he and Tamerlan had last prayed together. Matanov likely lied to distance himself from the brothers or to cover up his own jihadist sympathies—or maybe he was just confused.

Once Khairullozhon was done at the police station, he headed towards home, and he cleared his internet browser history.

A year passed by, and Khairullozhon was back in the vision of the FBI. The FBI tracked him down with a drone-like surveillance plane, arrested and indicted him.

They never alleged that Matanov was involved in the bombings or that he knew about them beforehand, but they charged him with four counts of obstruction of justice. There were three counts for making false statements based on the aforementioned lies and—remarkably—one count for destroying “any record, document or tangible object” with intent to obstruct a federal investigation.

Khairullozhon pleaded guilty to all four counts in March, and while he pleaded guilty, he made sure that Judge William G. Young was aware of the fact that Khairullozhon was fearing for a decades-long sentence and that he pleaded guilty so he would get a lighter punishment. Khairullozhon is sentenced to serve 30-months in jail.