Ccleaner, and other cleaning tools will get you 30 months jail

A 24-year-old formed cab driver from Quincy, Massachusetts has been jailed for 30 months after he had manually removed his browser browsing history. This all happened, after a series of events which were related to the Boston bombers.

Khairullozhon Matanov (24-year-old), was friends with the Boston Bombers and at the night of the Boston bombing attack, he had dinner with Tamerlan and Dhzokhar Tsarnaev at a local kebab restaurant in Somerville.

A couple of days later (4 days), Khairullozhon saw his (Boston Bombing) friends on CNN and the FBI website, he decided to go to the police, and inform them that he had dinner with the brothers, a couple of days ago, but he did not give the police a clear view on how his relationship was with the brothers, he made it look like, that he had simply had dinner with them and nothing more.