The latest defacement news which has been reported by the finest security experts.

Notepad++ site hacked by a pro jihad group

The website of the popular Notepad++ editor was hacked and defaced by hacktivists protesting against the recently released “Je suis Charlie” edition. Members of the Tunisian  hacking crew named “Hackers of the Fallaga Team” have Read more

Hackers use defaced sites to build a botnet

Hackers and hacktivists are using defaced websites to infect unaware visitors with malware. The malware allows the hackers to control the infected device. The AnonGhost hackers are using their defaced websites to build a botnet Read more

Hackers claim to have hacked the Askme website

The AnonGhost hackers seem to have hacked into the domain as they have uploaded their defacement message on the website. The hack has been performed on the domain. Share on: WhatsApp

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