Casino Hacked via IoT Water Tank

Your fish will get you hacked!

Many people and businesses have been victims of phishing. However, one casino learned the hard way that a fish tank can also be a dangerous accessory. Darktrace, a security firm, reported that a North American Casino was the victim of a hacking attempt. They hacked through the casino’s fish tank which was connected to the internet.

Despite the extra layers of security set up on the fish tank, the hackers compromised the network and forwarded data to another device in Finland. Fortunately, the threat was discovered and halted immediately. Once the hackers got through the network through the fish tank, they discovered other vulnerabilities in the system and moved to other places in the network.

Since more and more devices are being connected to the internet, malicious third parties are looking for new ways to access the networks and take advantage of any vulnerability. Take an instance where the fish tank was connected to the internet to feed the fish automatically and keep the environment comfortable. However, it was seen as a vulnerability by hackers who used it to get into the casino’s network. Casinos use a lot of methods to prevent fraud, however sometimes there are some overlooked areas.

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