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Cancer cure hoaxes

I did not enjoy writing this post on ‘Cancer cure hoaxes’, but it is something that has to be done. On the internet, various ‘cures for cancer’ are being shared, as the research in cancer is making progress. In the last years, more people have been saved by medical procedures and treatments which have been performed in authorized hospitals and clinics.

It is important to know that cybercriminals are going to abuse the people that are searching for cures. The loved ones and the person that have been struck by the sickness are going to put every effort in finding a cure against cancer.

Cancer cure hoaxes

We strongly urge everyone that is searching for ‘Cancer cures’ on the internet, to be very aware. Cybercriminals have launched countless schemes and hoaxes to infect unaware people that are searching for ‘cancer cures’. The  well known Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center has published various reports on ‘cancer cure hoaxes’ which were send by e-mail.

The John Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center is one of the 41 cancer centers in the U.S. designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center has active programs in clinical research, laboratory research, education, community outreach, and prevention and control. 

Cybercriminals launch these ‘cancer cure’ schemes as unaware people will generate a revenue for these cybercriminals. The hoaxes and schemes are often loaded with malware, surveys and malicious hyperlinks which will infect or abuse the unaware user. The boldest cybercriminals sell fake ingredients to unaware people. They will claim that the ingredients will stop cancer cells.

I strongly urge everyone to share this information on ‘cancer cure’ hoaxes and schemes, as the people that are fighting the cancer will need all the official and legal help they can collect.


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