A call for action: Serbia floodings need your Anonymous help

Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated, millions have people have lost their work and living environment and families have gone missing. The crisis in Serbia is taking a massive toll on the civilians. The flood which has hit SR has left no mercy for the people that are there.

We are calling to Anonymous to start a operation which will help these people in Serbia. Anonymous has proven earlier that they are able to setup successful operations.

Take a look at the pictures below that will give you a DIRECT insight on what is happening in Serbia as we speak.

Serbia flood crisis 2
Dangerous streams of rubble streaming down the mountains.
Serbia flood crisis 3
Man tries to save himself and his dog.
Serbia flood crisis 4
People which are trying to help others
Serbia flood crisis 5
A picture says more.
Serbia flood crisis 6
Searching the higher grounds
Serbia flood crisis 7
Helping someone
State of emergency declared due to flooding in Serbia
State of emergency declared due to flooding in Serbia
Serbia flood crisis 9
Water keeps streaming
Serbia flood crisis 10
Serbia flood crisis 11
People watching the flood stream
Serbia flood crisis 12
People being saved
Serbia flood crisis 13
Dog tries to find a dry place
Serbia flood crisis
Houses have been destructed by the flood


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