‘C-93 virus alert Windows Outlook’ phishing cyberattack

Cybercriminals have launched a new cybercrime campaign which tries to lure unaware users by claiming that they have been infected by an virus.

In this case the cybercriminals claim that the user has been infected by the C-93 virus.

The cybercriminals claim to be the official Windows Outlook team which is providing pro-active security services.The cybercriminals behind the virus alert scam claim that the victim will need to perform a couple of actions which are described in the fake C-93 virus email.

C-93 cybercrime campaign

The cybercriminals continue to explain that; If the victim does not perform the actions which are demanded, the victim will be banned from the Windows Outlook network.

You can view the fake C-93 virus alert from Windows outlook below:

Dear Outlook Member,

A C93 Virus has been detected in your mailbox, You are required to apply the new Norton AV security anti-virus to scan and to remove all Trojan and viral bugs from your mailbox Account, Failure to apply the scan your mailbox will be De-Activated to avoid our database from being infected.

Click on Optimal Scan and Log in to apply the service.

Thank you,

Windows Outlook.

The cybercriminals try to lure the victim to a malicious website which will install an malicious code or application on the victims device. It is also possible that the malicious website will urge the user to perform unwanted actions on the internet.


These actions could be:

  • completing a survey
  • clicking on malicious advertisement
  • clicking on malicious links
  • sharing the malicious page

If you are confronted by a malicious link, you can check the link on the virustotal website. The virustotal website allows you to scan a link or file via 50+ virus scanners at once. If one of the anti virus scanners reports that it is malicious, then you are 100% sure to not visit that link.

Please stay aware for phishing and spear-phishing attacks. The internet is a great place but it can be a heaven for cybercriminals that want to earn a online revenue.

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