How you can bypass Paywalls

When you get hit by a paywall, you can decide to just quit, but if you really want to view the content without having the purchase an account, well, then you should be aware of these 3 awesome paywall bypass tools that do not cost any money.

The first tip is to check out the tool called ‘Reader-Mode‘, this is a feature-packed distraction-free web reader with dyslexia support and research tools. Reader Mode is a feature-packed Chrome reading extension and web app that removes clutter, ads and distractions, while also includes dyslexia support, bookmarking, annotating, highlighting, text-to-speech and many other features all in one tool. The second tip I have for you is ‘’, this site has harvested over 33 million scholarly articles.

Unpaywall is run by OurResearch, a nonprofit dedicated to making scholarship more accessible to everyone.

The third tip is about the tool called ‘uBlock origin‘, uBlock is an efficient ad blocker, it uses little processing power and memory. To get these tools, simply check out the link in the description of this video, I have made a nice list of them for you.

A special one provided by one of the readers, is 12ft, this Paywall bypass uses the cache of search engines to show you the content you want to view. Their idea is pretty simple, news sites want Google to index their content so it shows up in search results. So they don’t show a paywall to the Google crawler. 12ft benefits from this because the Google crawler will cache a copy of the site every time it crawls it.

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