Burglar has stolen Unencrypted USB sticks from the police

This is just insane. Classified information which was stored on unencrypted USB sticks has landed in the hands of a burglar. The burglar had gained access to the home of a police officer and the burglar simply decided to steal multiple objects from the police officers his home.

Security.nl has published an article about the police officer, and in that article they claim that the USB sticks contained classified information on drug lords in The Netherlands.

The public ministry of The Netherlands stated that it is very sad that this has happened. They claim that the USB sticks should have been encrypted and that the classified information should have been stored in physical lockers.

The police claims that this attack was not an targeted attack.

This is straight up proof that user awareness is KEY in having a secure environment. The Dutch police, and all other agencies in the world have access to use encrypted hard drives and usb sticks, but the police officers and the employees of the agencies are simply not aware on how to use such an solution, or they have never been informed about these type of solutions.

And if the above has not been done, how is the user supposed to understand the risks which are everywhere in the digital and physical world?!

Educate your staff and environment about security solutions which are useful and NEEDED in the current climate.

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