Burger King cyber food war continues

This, is exactly the reason why there is so much bullshit on the web. Here you can see that BurgerKing UK made a controversial tweet, just to get thousands of replies and increase the reach of their online platforms.

Women belong in the Kitchen

Quickly the Burger King account posted another tweet, stating that they actually want to endorse the growth of females in their industry.

Bla bla. We get it.

And it continues, or finishes with the following post.

New scholarship programma

So instead of stating that females belong in the kitchen, they could have stated that they support the development and actually would like to see more females in their industry.

This is not marketing guys, this is stepping on peoples feet to invoke an reaction, without looking at the message that is being shared. Like exactly the crap that we have seen in the last couple of years.

Someone actually pointed it out, that all of the information, could have been stored in one tweet.

Burger King, you slipped on purpose here. Go F yourself. Oh and of course, all of the other ‘major’ fast food chains, immediately jumped on the bandwagon.

~ end rant.

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