[BREAKING] Russians and Chinese hackers are in the White House

President Obama is having a hard time keeping the Russians and Chinese out of the United States networks. Earlier it was reported by CNN that Russian hackers had gained access to the computer environment of the White House.

The computer environment of the White House holds classified and sensitive information about all type of people which work for the White House, but it is not only the employee information which is stored on the computer network of the White House. The White house network holds millions of records on citizens and it also holds the schedule of the United States President.

The house claimed that they had “probably” opened a phishing email which allowed the Russians to gain credentials that allowed them to enter the computer network of the White House.

Did you know that this is not the first time? There have been dozens of cases which clearly show how vulnerable the White House is against phishing attacks. The Director of National Intelligence James Clapper noted that even the Chinese were capable of gaining access to the White House network by simply performing spear-phishing attacks.

The United States asked the Russians if they were aware of the hack on the White House but as you could have expected, the Russians simply stated nothing and declined any involvement in the hack.

I guess the White House will start banning Russians movies now. 😉

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