BREAKING NEWS: Subdomain American Express Website has been Hacked By AnonGhost

The Middle-Eastern and African hacking team AnonGhost has defaced the website in their latest online raids. The AnonGhost had defaced the page with their defacement template which includes various AnonGhost pictures.

AnonGhost had previously defaced websites and they afterwards uploaded malware kits which infected unaware visitors.

The AnonGhost team has uploaded the defaced american express domain to the defacement library.

You will be able to find the American Express hack mirror on the website.

Notified by: AnonGhost


IP address: United States

System: Linux

Web server: Apache

The American Express company has already fixed the defaced page, but the mirror is still online. The CTO American Express website is used by American Express to introduce and connect CTO’s. The AnonGhost hack shows that it is very easy for hackers to manipulate unsecure webapplications. These manipulations could allow the hackers to infect their targets with remote access trojans. These trojans are used by hackers to gain full control of the infected device. Once the device is under the control of the hacker, the hacker will be able to steal personal and financial information.

Please use an anti-virus on your computer and try to stay aware of the latest threats with are hitting unaware internet users.

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