BREAKING: International police raid on Blackshades malware buyers

The countries Germany, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, France and The Netherlands are operating together in a major police operation which is after people that have bought the ‘Blackshades malware’ from the darknet and supplyers. The Blackshades malware can be bought for 40 to 100 dollars on the darknet.

The Blackshades malware is capable of collecting personal information which can be used by cybercriminals to initiate a devastating hack on the victim.

The French police has already entered 70 homes after they had obtained the intelligence that in those homes possible Blackshades malware buyers would be located.

The Dutch Team High Tech Crime Unit did not release any information about the operation. They stated that they do not provide information on active operations.

police raid blackshades



This Dutch civilian was visited by the Team High Tech Crime Unit earlier. They obtained his harddisks as they need to be investigated for further research.

As you can see in the information collected above, the raid is real and it is happening.

We want to give a special thanks to the following people on Twitter which helped us by providing pictures:

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