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Breaking: The FBI Blackshades raid continues

Could Your Computer Be Infected by Blackshades?

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a new report which clearly states that they are not done with their raid on Blackshades hackers. The FBI, Europol and other agencies combined their strenghts and intelligence in a global crackdown on Blackshades RAT buyers. The results were shocking, the government agencies arrested hundreds of people and they collected thousands of harddrives. The FBI has released a report which urges possible victims of the RAT to check their computers on BlackShades RAT signals.

The FBI warns that the malware affects Microsoft Windows operating systems. They ask the readers to control their systems using the BlackShades RAT checklist. If the user finds a BlackShades RAT file, then they can upload the proof to the FBI. The FBI encourages everyone to submit a complaint to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. The complaint has to have the tag ‘BlackShades malware’.

BlackShades RAT checklist

The following files that are known to be present on Blackshade-infected computers:

  • dos_sock.bss
  • nir_cmd.bss
  • pws_cdk.bss
  • pws_chro.bss
  • pws_ff.bss
  • pws_mail.bss
  • pws_mess.bss

To perform the above check, click the Start menu and type each file name in the search field. If the search yields positive matches for one or more of these files, the computer may be infected with Blackshades.

Share this with people that should know this: