[BREAKING] The Dollar has been hacked in Israel

The Dollar website in Israel has been hacked

The Dollar website has been hacked in Israel. The hackers from the AnonGhost team have initiated a successfull attack on the Dollar.co.il website.

The AnonGhost hackers are known for their attacks on the Israeli websites. It is not the first time that they have initiated an attack on Israeli domains. The AnonGhost hackers are known for their #opUSA and #opIsrael operations.

Once you take a look at the source code of the Israeli dollar website you will see that the code will contain a malicious piece of code which redirects the Dollar.co.il visitors to another hacked website.

Israel Dollar hacked
Israel Dollar hacked

The AnonGhost hackers claim that they are using a private method which allows them to hack any WordPress website.

They use URL poisoning to infect the vulnerable websites. Once the malicious code has been injected, the hackers will be able to redirect the users to each page that they prefer.

The AnonGhost hackers have left the following message on the hacked websites:

Hi Israel !
We always here to Punish you!!!
Because We are the voice of Palestine and we will not remain silent!!
Muslims are everywhere – We will enter to Palestine soon 🙂 remember this
Alkhilafah is Coming soon Insha’Allah

AnonGhost defaced page 2014
AnonGhost defaced page 2014