[BREAKING] 100,000 missiles pointed at Israel

100,000 missiles real of hoax?!

The spokesperson of the IDF has posted a fake picture on Twitter to show the aggression of the Hezbollah supporters.

He claimed that he had posted a picture which showed that 100 000 missiles have been aimed at Israeli cities. He claimed that the missiles are from Hezbollah.

The Haaretz publishing site published a report on how the picture is a fake picture and that the missiles that are shown on the picture are not aimed at Israeli cities.

Haaretz reported:

The photo, which appears to be from AFP/Getty Images, was used on an IDF Spokesperson tweet marking 14 years since the army withdrew from Lebanon. “#Israel troops left #Lebanon 14yrs ago. Now #Hezbollah terrorists have rearmed, w/100,000 missiles pointed at #Israel,” it read. However, the tweet did not mention that the photo is illustrative only.

The IDF responded to the article which was published on Haaretz:

The IDF Spokesperson told Haaretz, “This is strictly an illustrative photo which does not detract from the gravity of the threat posed by Hezbollah’s armament in recent years. The purpose of the tweet is to emphasize to the international community the threat Israel faces.”


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