Brazilians are done with criminal motor cycle riders

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In Brazil, it happens a lot, that criminal motor cycle riders stop next to an car with citizens in it, and force the citizens to give up their money and belongings. This trend of crime has been rising in the last years, and it seems that the Brazilians are fed-up with the situation and are taking matters in their own hands.

Criminal gets run over by car


A lot of footage is being uploaded to the web, where you can see how Brazilian citizens are defending themselves against these type of criminals. Some of the citizens carry guns which they actually use, and in most cases, the citizens use their vehicle to smash into the criminals.

Another team of criminals run over by Brazilian citizens

Fake news circulating

Fake news is currently circulating which states that the Brazilian government allows these type of actions against robbers, this of course is false. In no situation does the Brazilian government enforce any steps that may endanger the life of others.

False claim shared on Twitter

Personal opinion

I think it is always sad if lives are put into danger, but I do think it is your right to defend yourself. Especially in these type of situations. What do you think?

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