Boko Haram hackers are hunting LinkedIn Boko Haram researchers

TheĀ Nigeria: Boko Haram Terrorism Research GroupĀ on LinkedIn is being targeted by malicious LinkedIn users.

The malicious LinkedIn users are trying to gain access to theĀ Nigeria: Boko Haram Terrorism Research GroupĀ on LinkedIn as this will give them to chance to infect a big group of the Boko Haram Terrorism Research Group.

The Boko Haram hackers are using fake accounts like the ‘IshaQ M’ LinkedIn account. The accounts hold fake information, this fake information has been crafted so it will increase the hit rate of the Boko Haram hackers.

The fake Ishaq M account is using a picture of a female which is wearing a scarve.

Boko Haram hackers
Boko Haram hackers

TheĀ Fake profile was trying to get access to the Boko Haram research group. The domain of the ”employer” points towards known botnet C&C ip addresses. Probably the criminal behind the profile is Nigerian, with potential links to BH.

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