BMW M POWER: BMW 435i Internet scam on Facebook

Do you enjoy BMW’s?! Then sure want to get one for free. Let me snap you out of that dream. It is fake.

The BMW 435i Facebook post which claims that two BMW cars are  being given away for free is fake.

This is just another Facebook scam which tries to lure unaware users to a Facebook page or malicious website which will collect likes and shares.

BMW 435i Facebook scam

We are giving 2 BMW 435i On November 20 , 2014
2 Lucky Winners Will Be Announced On November 20

The shares and likes are collected by the scammers because this will allow them to boost specific websites.

BMW 435i Internet scam on Facebook 1

The boosts are often performed by redirecting large amount of people to a specific website.

This time the scammers are trying this via the BMW 435i scam.

Please be warned and inform your friends about this scam.

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