BlackArch Linux: 1400 Hacking Tools in One

You might be familiar with Kali Linux, but did you know that there is another pentesting operating system which is called “BlackArch Linux” ? Well, this pentest operating system contains 1400 hacking tools and is considered one of the serious pentest operating systems.

A couple of days ago, BlackArch released a new version of their OS. You can download the OS directly from their website and it is free to use.

These are the current versions which are available;

  • BlackArch Linux 64 bit Live ISO 2016.04.28 Torrent 4.5 GB 3ed5132820d17b5fa3b234b127f266d47741ec99
  • BlackArch Linux 32 bit Live ISO 2016.04.28 Torrent 4.3 GB b3bd77af14eb6264067560bdfba0692bea42ace6
  • BlackArch Linux 64 bit Netinstall ISO 2016.04.28 Torrent 383 MB 36d424f42542d189281199651a5fc3d0e4e71ad1
  • BlackArch Linux 32 bit Netinstall ISO 2016.04.28 Torrent 345 MB 5e6cb462cc3ec637c7f02a21a709df15456c5751

Download BlackArch from the official site here.

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