Black Reward Hacking Team

CYBERWARZONE – The Black Reward Hacking Team is an Iranian politically motivated hacking team which saw the light in 2022. This group has actively targeted the Iranian government with their cyberattacks. In one of their attacks, they claim to have obtained audio recordings of an IRGC general talking with an Qatari about how individuals can be kept out of the World Cup.

In their latest cyberattack, they were able to take offline the Farsnews website. They posted their defacement message on the site and a link to their Telegram channel.

Black Reward Team taking the claim for the defacement of

The hacking team achieved to get their hands on important Iran’s nuclear program documents. They first warned the Iranian government to follow instructions, but the Iranian government did not comply and within 24 hours the Black Reward hacking team released the Iran’s nuclear program document to the web.

Black Reward Hacking team Telegram channel

The Black Reward Hacking Team is getting massive support on their Telegram channel. In total, the Black Reward Telegram channel holds 69873 members.

The Black Reward telegram channel posts videos, links to leaked files and news to inform their followers of their actions and standpoints.

Black Reward hacking team on Twitter

The Iranian hacking team was active on Twitter, but it seems that Twitter has decided to suspend the account. The account which they used is no longer active on Twitter.

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