Beware: Whatsapp virus is circulating

A couple of people in my Facebook network have published posts which explain that they have received an Whatsapp message which holds a virus.

The Whatsapp message claims to be an “Update”, and currently Whatsapp is rolling out the “Whatsapp Call function“, so it is possible that the users thought it was the “Whatsapp Call” update which was being send to them.

Once the user opens the Whatsapp virus, it is claimed that the user will not be able to use the phone anymore, the user will be locked out from the phone. We did not have the chance to get a full view on the malicious file which is being send around, but we can verify that the sources are legit.

Whatsapp Virus circulating
Whatsapp Virus circulating


The following mobile number was used to send the malicious file:

  • +447937457946

One of the users was forced to bring the mobile phone to a mobile repair shop. We strongly urge everyone to install an active anti-virus on your Smartphone and to stay vigilant for weird messages.

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If you do not know the number, then do not open the files which are send by the unknown number.

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