Beware of the VenomHTTP Botnet

VenomHTTP is one of the latest botnet builder that is being sold on underground markets.

The botnet is currently being sold for 54.99 dollars (VenomHTTP + builder) and a single build is being sold for 35,99 dollars.

The seller claims that the bot has been written in C for stability and compatibility.

The text the seller uses to promote VenomHTTP:

Our main goal for this project is to provide native solutions for business owners and administrators to manage their networks. With venom you can perform either individual or mass commands making it great for managing plenty of clients. It would be great for pushing updates to machines on your network that do not necessarily have the .net framework install. You can see everything about the client from active window caption down to what processor or graphic card they have installed making network analysis much easier for admins or tech support teams.  And because VenomHTTP is written in pure C without and stand libraries you can rest assured that any client will be supported and work exactly as you would expect. So if you want a stable and fast administration tool that won’t disappoint pick up a license today.

The seller claims that only one antivirus company is currently capable of detecting the malware. In this case, it is the AntiVir (Avira) antivirus product. The seller tested this via PoisonScanner.

Venom HTTP from John Doe on Vimeo.

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