Beware of the Peshawar Attack footage from Inside the School leaked video Facebook scam

This is very sad. Scammers are using the sickening Peshawar attack to lure unaware users to an malicious website which is trying to serve surveys and advertisements. The victims which are lured to the malicious page are forced to download an malicious application to their computer.

r.i.p. our brothers and sisters, secret footage captured through phone camera have been leaked – text which is being used in the Facebook Peshawar School video scam.

The Peshawar Attack footage from Inside the School leaked Facebook scam is using the Facebook template to trick the users into believing that they are still on the official Facebook domain. The users are lured to the domain which is currently hosting the Peshawar Attack Facebook scam video.

Peshawar Attack footage leaked Facebook scam

The malicious domain is forcing the users to install a malicious file which is titled “Download.exe”. We have run this malware sample through the VirusTotal website and gues what, it contained unwanted malicious code.

You can take a look at the VirusTotal scan in the link below:

File identification

  • MD5 2f1a1c0de6b02bfaee72dc1376e6bfb6
  • SHA1 81b09888b8b9b4a8539d4926facd44bd07efe2e9
  • SHA256 16a77c2cab75facba9b2caf1ef86a36635b26b4fe014d2e80d59636d22a819f5
  • ssdeep
  • 24576:IqZtD8+CvbmkHQuqoF9fKUG6XgkUyzjSwMLR:IAJCbHQBoF9fK9EUyPL4
  • authentihash  60401f95e2821440b3b73804d7d5783307d00a06616daf8f87e790b479780699
  • imphash  c53ce618cecaa8b01f1db368fd64af2d

The virustotal scan on the malicious Peshawar Attack footage from Inside the School leaked video Facebook scam file has shown that 17 from the 49 malware scanners were able to identify this malicious file.

virusscan on Peshawar Attack footage fileScammers often create these types of environment to steal personal information, financial information and classified information. The scammers use various methods to generate an online revenue via the environments which they have setup. They will use surveys, advertisements and remote access Trojans to achieve their goals.

Please be aware for the Peshawar Attack Footage Facebook scam which is trying to lure unaware users. Inform and take care.


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