Beware of ‘Your child got hurt’ calls & messages

I think this is the last phone-call a parent or care-taker wants to hear, someone which calls you up, and claims that your child was involved in an accident. But in some cases, it just won’t make sense, especially, if your child is sitting right next to you.

Your child got hurt

I found this message on a Facebook post, and it immediately looked like a scam call to me:

This morning my wife received a call from a hidden number where a young woman told my wife that our son (she used his name) got hurt while in the kindergarten. Wife rushed to the kindergarten to find that no one called from there and that our 4 years old son is fine and that there was no accident.

Beware of ‘Your child got hurt’ calls & messages

Please be aware of these type of scam calls, most likely, the next step would have been to transfer some money. Have you heard other stories like this? Let us know in the comments.

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