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Beware of, it is used to spread malware!

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The domain has been listed on Cyberwarzone as it is a domain which is known for spreading malware to unaware internet users. The domain is used by cybercriminals to infect unaware users with malware and Trojans which allow the cybercriminals to gain full control of the infected device.

Once the cybercriminal has gained access to the infected device, the cybercriminal will be able to download and install additional malware and the cybercriminal will be able to extract personal and financial information from the infected device.

It often happens that the cybercriminal will use the infected device to infect other devices in the network.

So please be careful if someone provides you a link to the domain.

Another fact about the domain is that it is used by cybercriminals from time to time. They use the domain for a specific period and then make sure that it goes under the radars again for future use.





Known for spreading malware for a specific time period.

Is your PC infected?

It is possible that your computer has been infected and has alerted you the IP address. If that is the case, we have setup various guides on Cyberwarzone on how to protect your computer against malicious users and unwanted actions.

Share this with people that should know this: