Beware of the “Musix Search Virus” application — it is a VIRUS

Chrome web store users are complaining about the Musix Search application, they are complaining that the Musix Search application is actually a virus, and that people should not install the Musix Search application from the Chrome web store on their device.

The Musix Search application is often installed by unaware users which have been lured by click jacking and Facebook scams. These scams and attacks claim that the user has to download a specific application to be able to watch the “video” or content which is promised. In this case, the victims have downloaded the Musix Search Application which is actually a virus.

Now there are a couple of ways on how you can remove the Musix Search application from your device.

The first thing which we will need to do, is to make sure that we remove the Musix Search virus from your Google Chrome settings. This is needed, because the Musix Search application is installed via the Google Chrome web store.