Beware of the Facebook $500 000 scam

The Facebook $500 000 scam is a typical scam which tries to lure unaware Facebook users by claiming that they have won a significant amount of money. The scams are setup in such an way that they will try to collect personal information from the targeted victims.

The scams are often operated by real persons which pay a lot of attention on how to steal financial or personal information from their victims.

Facebook $500 000 scam

In the Facebook $500 000 scam the victims were contacted by Facebook profiles which claimed that the victim Facebook profile had won a prize during the Facebook Lottery Promotion.

One victim of the Facebook $500 000 scam said the following:

Chatting with a face book employee that claims I won $500,000. please send 278 for shipping costs

The Facebook $500 000 scam can be identified by the following texts:

“This information we are asking for are for security reason and this information will also help us to locate you and also to deliver the money to the right person,so we need correct information from you and you are to type the information and send it to me on here right now so w can start the process of your winning money.”

If you are ever contacted online by someone which claims that you have won a significant sum, then do not reply to that message. Instead, call your bank and allow them to initiate the contact. If the credentials are real, the bank will make sure that you will receive the signifigcant amount of money which is promised. If the credentials are fake, your bank will inform you about that.

Do not reply, or give the scammers any sign that you are interested or active as the scammers will add you to a list which they will sell to other scammers.

Source victim:

Source Facebook $500 000 scam signature:

The scam continues

The numbers might change, but the main idea behind this scam remains the same. The cyber criminals and scammers will try to lure their victims to websites. These websites will try to obtain data or trick victims into performing unwanted actions.

Do not hesitate to report the profiles which claim that you have won a prize. You can report the profiles via the report function on Facebook.

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