Beware of the Aggressive Online PC support scam which is currently circulating!

Be warned of the domain which is being used by scammers to lure unaware victims to an “Online PC support scam”. The scammers are claiming that the victim has been infected by malware, and they are doing this, by showing various warning messages in the browser screen of the device which has navigated to the domain.

phishing computer virus scam

Once the victim lands on the domain, the victim will be forced to click on a message box which claims that the user device has been infected by malware, and that the user can use a toll free phone number to communicate with professionals which will delete the malware for free.

Message in Dutch:

Waarschuwing! Je PC is misschien niet beschermd!
Als je dit bericht vaker krijgt, dien je onmiddelijk PC-Support te bellen op nummer +31 (0) 858881194
Gedurende dit gratis gesprek, wordt je verteld hoe je kwaadaardige software van je pc kunt verwijderen.

Warning message once you try to leave the site:

Our records indicate that you may have not yet called the provided toll free support number.
To prevents a serious privacy breach call our toll free, High Priority, Virus Removal Line +31 (0) 858881194
IMPORTANT: After calling wait for the technician to tell you when you can close this window.

It is funny to know, that the scammers have included a voice message on the website. This means, that once the victim lands on the page, they will be encouraged by visual and by audio to perform the actions that the scammers desire.